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Ocean Blue Beaded Wick Dipper by CleanCut

Ocean Blue Beaded Wick Dipper by CleanCut

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Our Candle Wick Dippers are an easy-to-use tool that extinguishes a flame in a way that results in a cleaner, smoke-free candle. Made of stainless steel, it has a hook designed to push the burning wick into molten wax and pull it straight up again. This method of dipping the wick in wax also allows for easier relighting of the candle. The strategically placed no-mess curve at the end of the dipper ensures no waxy residue touches tables or counter tops.  This Clean Cut Candle Wick Dipper has Ocean Blue Glass Beads and chic charms.  It’s the perfect way to extinguish a candle and makes a wonderful gift.

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