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Posted by Brenda Hunter on 10/7/2016 to Announcements

Love Both of These New Scents

Posted by Brenda Hunter on 2/24/2016 to Announcements
Every year around this time we start thinking about new scents for Spring and Summer.  We found two that we really love.  That brings our total scent list somewhere between 75-80 fragrances. You're probably thinking only two new scents??  Trust me, we test many before we decide on adding new scents to our lineup and we think you'll agree these are winners.

New Fall Scents

Posted by Administrator on 9/1/2015 to Announcements
It's that time of year again where customers are looking for fragrances that say "Fall". Well, as in the past, we are announcing some new scents just for this time of year, Autumn Spice and County Fair. It's hard to choose between them because they are both so good. Autumn Spice is just that, lots of spices, like cinnamon stick, nutmeg, ginger, clove and even a touch of pumpkin. County Fair, says Fall, but in a different way. This fragrance combines Candied Apples, Cotton Candy and Caramel and has aptly been named County Fair. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have finding them for you!!  Also here's a list of Connecticut County Fairs for Fall 2015.


The Compassionate Friends Organization

Posted by Administrator on 3/27/2015 to Announcements
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Please Join us in Supporting the Compassionate Friends Organization. A wonderful organization that support families after losing a child. This is a very personal choice for Brenda Hunter, the owner of CT River Candles.  She hopes in telling her story it will help other families during their grief process.

Meet Mini

Posted by Administrator on 3/18/2015 to Announcements
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New Mini Jar - 4 oz of Fun Fragrance

Valentine's Day Scents

Posted by Administrator on 1/17/2015 to Announcements
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Perfect Scents for Valentine's Day

Meet Summit

Posted by Administrator on 11/8/2014 to Announcements
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Meet the New "CT River Dog" SUMMIT

Summit, our new Great Pyrenees Pup, come home on August 1, 2014. 
A fluffy ball of white fur and looking like a baby polar bear, he was just so adorable.

Now almost five months and many pounds bigger, but still many pounds to go, he is still adorable and so much fun. This photo was taken on Halloween in his costume :)

The reason I call him the New CT River Dog is because it was the name we gave my Yellow Lab, Dakota, when we first moved to our home on the Connecticut River. Dakota would love to make his way to the riverbank and jump around in the water.  Unfortunately Dakota went to The Rainbow Bridge this past December after giving us almost 14 years of devoted love. We miss him lots but are glad that we now have Summit to give us daily does of dog smooches.


The name CT River Dog also become known for one of the products I added to my candle line several year backs.  Our Soy Wax Dipped Plush Dog Air Fresheners.  You're thinking what are those?  Well it's simple, you take a small plush stuffed animal and dip it into scented soy wax.  Once it sets up you're left with an adorable air freshener, perfect for kid's room or anywhere you want scent without a flame.  While we started with a Yellow Lab, we now offer many dog breeds as well as a variety of cats.  This photo shows the how the air freshener looks after it's been dipped and placed on the wooden stand.

New Fall Scents

Posted by Administrator on 9/18/2014 to Announcements
Fall is the perfect time of year to burn soy candles.  Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Type, one of our newest Fall scents is yum in a jar.

Our First Radio Ad

Posted by Administrator on 5/31/2014 to Announcements

We've been thinking about doing a radio spot on our company for a few months and decided to choose a local radio station to work with.  WLIS-WMRD is a local radio station that covers the shoreline and as far north as Hartford.  Because they are local and well known in a large part of Connecticut, we felt they would be a good fit to create our ad. Being a bit nervous about what to expect I arrived at the radio station and was immediately put at ease by the friendly staff.  We got to work right away and after a few recordings, I was told we would good to go.  They would have to do some minor editing including adding some music.  The first airing would be Wednesday, May 28, 2014.  We also decided that combining a fun candle giveaway in conjunction with our ad would be a great way to get listeners involved and learn more about our soy candles.  So without further's our radio ad combined with some beautiful photos of the Connecticut River.  Note this link will redirect to YouTube.  Please feel free to share with others. 

An Annual Event: The Spring Flooding of the Connecticut River

Posted by Administrator on 4/15/2014 to Announcements

         It's April 15, 2014 and heavy rain is forecast for Connecticut. Not such perfect timing as the almost clockwork event of the CT River spring flooding is upon us. It doesn't seem like Spring in CT unless we hear about the rise of the waters of the Connecticut River. Often impacted by the snow melt in Vermont, this year is sure to have an impact with the record snowfalls in the North. So how does this year compare to previous ones? Without getting into measurements, there are a several landmarks located on the river that visually tell us how it compares to previous years. 

       One is the Canoe Club, aka the renamed Harbor Park Restaurant in Middletown. This stretch of the river is notorious for flooding as is the Portland Fairgrounds and low lying areas in Cromwell. It's not unusual in years past to see the water surrounding the restaurant and parking lot. I can recall it rising over the highway adjacent to the restaurant in previous years. As we head south down the river the impact is less but still noticeable as the water makes its way onto shore and submerging trees. 

       We are witness to this event yearly as our house sits on the banks of the Connecticut River but at a height of almost 60 feet, we are thankfully spared the worry of water lapping at our doorstep. Some of the worst flooding on the Connecticut River was the Flood of 1936 as witnessed by some of the photos

Riverbank in Haddam, Connecticut, Spring 2014

Harbor Park, Middletown, Connecticut, Spring 2011

Harbor Park, Middletown, Connecticut, Spring 2011

Hartford, Flood of 1936

Hartford, Flood of 1936

Hand Poured Pet Odor Eliminator Soy Candle

Posted by Administrator on 2/7/2014 to Announcements
We're pleased to announce we have a new Pet Odor Eliminator Soy Candle that will help to eliminate those pesky pet, smoke and cooking odors. Made with 100% soy wax, cotton wicks, this spice fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including Orange, Grapefruit and Cinnamon. This fragrance is available in both our 8oz and 16oz jars and has an adorable label featuring a photograph by R.L. Heller Photography from Lancaster, PA. Shop online at for this candles or others available in over 75 scents handmade by CT River Candles in Haddam, Connecticut.

Favorite Holiday Fragrances

Posted by Administrator on 11/18/2013 to Announcements

When you think fragrances, you think holidays. With Thanksgiving and then Christmas and Hanukkah right around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to focus some of our most popular fragrances.  You can't go wrong selecting one of these to make your home warm and inviting for the holidays.

This was one of our first holiday fragrances and it continues to be a best seller year after year.  A festive pine scent with notes of berries, green apple and mistletoe. One of our most popular fall and winter scents. 

Another new scent this year, this fragrance is just awesome.  It has a sweetness but not too much. A combination of sweet roasted southern pecans and hazelnuts drenched in buttery brown sugar, sweet coconut and vanilla toffee. The coconut gives this a nice twist.

Our new favorite and very popular, Country Christmas combines orange spice notes from the kitchen, fir and pine notes from the Christmas tree, and an earthy smokiness from the fireplace. It's Christmas Eve, in a bottle, any time.

Spice lovers this one is for you! A combination of warm spicy nutmeg, tangy clove and a touch of cinnamon. A very inviting and welcoming scent. New to our fragrance lineup this 
year and already very popular.

Everyone loves pumpkin scents and this one doesn't disappoint.  A realistic fragrance bursting with fresh pumpkin, delicious notes of butter, sugar, and lots of spicy cinnamon and nutmeg, complete this bakery fragrance.

High Connecticut River Hurts Boating Season

Posted by Administrator on 7/9/2013 to Announcements
The Connecticut River isn't looking very pretty this season. There is so much debris coming down the river it has become difficult for boaters to navigate nevermind swim on off the shores. The high water has taken lots of dirt from the banks resulting in very muddy waters. It's common place to see logs, brush and even full trees floating down the river. It's an obstacle course for boaters whose props can be severely damaged if they come in contact with the fast moving debris. Even Long Island sound has not been spared from the river's condition.  This photo was taken a couple miles out from where the river meets Long Island Sound just south of Old Saybrook, Connecticut. It was really quite amazing to see.

In addition to boaters being inconvenienced by the debris laden river, those interested in seeing the fireworks at the Riverfest in Hartford were also disappointed.  This event was cancelled due to the high water, abundant debris and unsafe navigating conditions for the barges carrying fireworks.

Farther north in Hadley, Massachusetts, marina patrons were complaining it's been the worse boating season ever as they are having their boats taken out of the water for fear of  them being damaged by heavy logs in the strong current.

This photo taken from the river looking at Middlesex Yacht Club in Chester, Connecticut, show piled up debris and logs caught against the docks.

This last photo was taken in Haddam, Connecticut.  It shows how high the river is as it engulfs this sidewalk 
and inches up the staircase.

The Shad are Back

Posted by Administrator on 5/7/2013 to Announcements

You know it's Spring when the Shad come back to the Connecticut River.  There are "Shad for Sale" signs posted along Saybrook Road.  The local Lions Club will soon be holding their Shad Bake using this fish as it's main course.  It's really quite remarkable how these fish swim so far to spawn and then like many other species die after completing this task. However many are caught on their way north in nets by the Shad Fishermen.  They can be seen in their boats after dark placing their nets in just the right areas to catch these fish.

Closed now, the Shad Shack, located on Saybrook Road in Haddam, Connecticut is a historic reminder of how long the Shad Run has been part of this area.

Gift Certificates

Posted by Administrator on 4/2/2013 to Announcements

We received an email the other day from a customer asking if we had Gift Certificates available for purchase.  She wanted to give one to her Mom for her birthday.  What a great idea and not sure why we hadn't thought of it ourselves.  So thank you to that customer for suggesting.  Gift Certificates are available in $25 and $50 amounts and can be purchased through our shopping cart.  The recipient will receive an email explaining how to redeem them for products on our website.  There is no expiration date on the Gift Certificates.

Business Spotlight

Posted by Administrator on 3/26/2013 to Announcements
What a great article on our business by Nature's Garden, one of our favorite suppliers of candle and soap supplies.  Thank you Nature's Garden for your great products and customer service.  It's especially important for a candle company to have suppliers they can rely on for products that are consistent and quality made.

New Scent Announcement

Posted by Administrator on 2/12/2013 to Announcements

Description:  A clean fresh scent everyone will love. A fragrance blend of fresh cut grass, sweet meadow clover and wisteria.  Available dyed light green or natural.

2012 Craftsyble Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Administrator on 11/28/2012 to Announcements
Are you looking for some great holiday handcrafted gifts?

Check out the 2012 Craftsyble Holiday Gift Guide. These items for chosen from dozens of submissions and any would be wonderful additions to a holiday outfit or home decor. We are especially pleased to make this announcement because our CT River Inspired Mason Jar Soy Candles, were among the items chosen to be included in this great guide.


Posted by Administrator on 11/24/2012 to Announcements

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To celebrate Small Business Saturday, we are offering free shipping on our Soy Candles in all jar styles as well as on all the products on our website.  Take advantage of this great offer and do some early Holiday Shopping.

Valid on orders shipped to US states excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Valid online only. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Preserve Your Holiday Season

Posted by Administrator on 11/20/2012 to Announcements
Excited to share a photo of our billboard which is located on Saybrook Road in Haddam, Connecticut.  It will be up until the third week of December or so.We had this same one up in this location last fall and received lots of great feedback. The photo is pretty much the same but we did add Haddam, CT, our company location.  We are going to enjoy this while it lasts because this spot has become very popular with companies like Geico and McDonalds.  Funny how the cost went up substanially after the big wigs showed up.  We hope you get to see it in person but if not, here's a photo!