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Eagles on the Connecticut River

Posted by Brenda Hunter on 4/22/2017 to General
The come back of the Bald Eagles on the Connecticut River are so wonderful to see.  When we first opened our business back in 2007, we would be so excited to capture a glimpse of this beautiful bird but it wouldn't happen often.  However over the past few years, the eagles have become a regular site along the banks of the Connecticut River.  We'll often see them soaring by with a fish in their claws or teaching their young to fly high above the river. Here are a few of the photos I've captured of these beautiful creature but if you crave more, sign up for a river cruise with the CT RiverQuest. Their dock is located at Eagle Landing in Haddam and you can reserve seats on their website.

CT Animal House

Posted by Brenda Hunter on 7/18/2016 to General
The CT Animal House has a simple mission:

"Our mission is dedicated to ending euthanasia of adoptable dogs by providing medical, and behavioral training to CT pound animals so that each one has the best chance at adoption". 

We've dedicated this blog post to the CT Animal House in hopes that bringing attention to this organization on our blog will bring them support in the form of donations, product purchases, attending events or most importantly giving one of their rescues a forever home.  One of the ways we help is to provide soy candles featuring their logo which they in turn sell at events to raise awareness and funds.  To read more about this worthwhile organization, visit their social media links.  NOTE: All doggies shown below are available for adoption as of this date!!





Soy Candles

What's in a Name?

Posted by Administrator on 4/6/2015 to General
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We're often asked why we named our company after the Connecticut River. In looking back, there wasn't much thought given to what the company name should be. I had just begun researching the process of making soy candles for my own use and that was around the same time we were moving to a new house. You guessed it, the house is located on the Connecticut River. I remember my husband's face when I showed him that first soy candle sporting a label with the name "CT River Candles". I didn't have room on the label to spell out Connecticut, so used the state abbreviation. I didn't give much thought to the design of the label. To spruce it up and add some color, I chose one of the many photos I have of the river taken while we were boating. We looked for a house on the river because we love boating and what better place to do it then on the gorgeous the Connecticut River. So after I showed my husband that first candle, his response was that's a great name for a candle company.  I really thought he was just kidding but he wasn't and as you can see, I wasn't either.  I got to work testing and researching the art of candle making with soy wax and the rest is history. We continue to build our company around what inspired it's name. We've since trademarked the name and all candle labels display various photos that we have taken on our boating trips.  Always searching for a new photo to add to some of our favorites, such as the Goodspeed Opera House perched over the river. The Becky Thatcher making it way north or south with a load of passengers or that solo fisherman anchored, patiently waiting for a tug on his line. When pairing a photo with a scent, I often pick a season to compliment the scent. For example, Macintosh Apple is paired with a gorgeous stretch of Fall Foliage along the riverbank. My hope is I can pass the beauty that we feel so fortunate to see everyday to our customers in the form of a soy candle that will provide hours of fragrance using clean burning soy wax, the finest fragrances and cotton wicks.  Yes, it's about the river but more importantly, it's about providing the best soy candle for our customers enjoyment.
Written by Brenda Hunter, Founder and CEO of CT River Candles