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Why Select Soy Candles?

Posted by Administrator on 11/27/2012 to Soy Candles

We are often asked what is different about Soy Candles and why they are a good choice for your home. There are several reasons why burning soy candles makes good sense. Soy wax is a natural ingredient made from soybeans. It's a great product for making candles because it burns slowly and cleanly. It holds scent well and has a nice cold throw while not in use and hot throw while burning. Soy wax can be dyed or left undyed in its natural creamy white color. We also offer an option of selecting our candles fragrance free for those customers who might be sensitive to scents.

However, while soy candles are great to burn in your home, there are some negatives to using soy wax.  Soy wax can be sensitive to changing temperatures and exhibit small crystals in the wax called "frosting".  This should not be considered a flaw since the candle will burn and smell fine.  It is also an indication that the candle is made without using paraffin additives which help to combat frosting. These small crystals are more obvious in a dyed candle so select undyed if this is a concern.

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