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Meet Summit

Posted by Administrator on 11/8/2014 to Announcements
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Meet the New "CT River Dog" SUMMIT

Summit, our new Great Pyrenees Pup, come home on August 1, 2014. 
A fluffy ball of white fur and looking like a baby polar bear, he was just so adorable.

Now almost five months and many pounds bigger, but still many pounds to go, he is still adorable and so much fun. This photo was taken on Halloween in his costume :)

The reason I call him the New CT River Dog is because it was the name we gave my Yellow Lab, Dakota, when we first moved to our home on the Connecticut River. Dakota would love to make his way to the riverbank and jump around in the water.  Unfortunately Dakota went to The Rainbow Bridge this past December after giving us almost 14 years of devoted love. We miss him lots but are glad that we now have Summit to give us daily does of dog smooches.


The name CT River Dog also become known for one of the products I added to my candle line several year backs.  Our Soy Wax Dipped Plush Dog Air Fresheners.  You're thinking what are those?  Well it's simple, you take a small plush stuffed animal and dip it into scented soy wax.  Once it sets up you're left with an adorable air freshener, perfect for kid's room or anywhere you want scent without a flame.  While we started with a Yellow Lab, we now offer many dog breeds as well as a variety of cats.  This photo shows the how the air freshener looks after it's been dipped and placed on the wooden stand.