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Our History:

CT River Candles, a soy candle business located on the banks of the Connecticut River in Haddam Connecticut, was established in the Fall of 2007. Brenda Hunter, the founder of the company, begin researching the art of making soy candles for her own enjoyment. She chose soy wax for it's healthy and clean burning properties.

The prototype of the first candle featured a label of a photograph of the Connecticut River and the name “CT River Candles”. Being boating enthusiasts and living on the river, this just seemed like the perfect packaging for what would become a very successful home based business. Since those early days of offering just ten scents in the first mason jar style, the company has expanded to offer more than 75 scents in 3 jar styles. In addition to Soy Candles, we also make other scented products and all are still hand made. Retailers carrying CT River Candles products can be found thru out Connecticut and New England.

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