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We know you have many choices when it comes to purchasing soy candles but before making that decision make sure your choose a company that stands behind it products and understands that only hard work, lots of research and testing as well as great customer service and attention to detail can produce a top notch candle.  We don't believe in taking shortcuts because in the end, integrity and hard work are what counts. Please review these soy candle testimonials from our customers before deciding where to make your next purchase.

Thank you
Pattie Piotrowski, Owner
Brenda Hunter, Founder
CT River Candles

Mary wrote: "I love all of CT River Candles! I have never been disappointed I always get my order in a few days and anyone that comes into my home always asks me what am I baking. I can't say enough".

Stephanie wrote: "I am burning Sea Mist right now. I love the water. Even though I live in southern California, I am still an hour from the beach. Sea mist makes me feel like I am at the beach, plus another benefit, my 11 year old black lab, Kiowa (graduation picture below) just finished 19 sessions of radiation for a soft tissue sarcoma stage 1 cancer cell in his right leg and I want to keep him and my other dogs around as long as possible so, the clean natural soy is a way to go for me. Thank you Brenda for making such an awesome product. I am on my last candle from my last order, so I will need to stock up again."

Fran wrote: "The 4 candles I purchased were given as Christmas gifts to co-workers and they loved them all!! I enjoyed telling each of them the story of your candles and the different scenes of the CT River that are on their jars. I truly enjoyed talking to you when I had to call in my order. It was my pleasure to support a local business and such a nice person as yourself!!"

A customer wrote: "It is great to work with a company that is concerned with customer satisfaction. I ordered two candles, I have tried the cinnamon stick "Awesome Fragrance", better than others I have tried. I am gifting the Autumn Spice, I cannot wait to hear the reaction. Thanks for taking pride in your products and the fragrance of the candles".

A customer reacts to our Sweet Tobacco Fragrance, "I just tried this scent for the first time and I am in love!  It is such a wonderful scent and I definitely will be buying again!!  I tried to hold off until December, but once I took the cover off and smelled it I couldn't wait any longer to lite it!"

I was browsing the internet and came across CT River Candles.. I sent an email requesting information about soy candles as wedding favors. Brenda’s response was quick and when speaking to her so professional. I received them yesterday and they are awesome and smell amazing. She designed a label for me and I am so pleased with the outcome. Thank you Brenda for your part in making my special day so memorable.

Dondra S. – Bronx, NY

"Brenda what more could I say you have the best soy candles! I love the new scents and I will be ordering more also I have to order more fall scents you're the best!!" - Mary, CT

Connecticut River Candles are just the best candles around.  It’s not always been easy to find excellent quality soy candles, but now here they are, right in my own backyard!!!!!  The quality of the candles from their wicks, to being soy to the fragrance oils that are used to scent them is beyond compare!  Furthermore, having gotten to know the owner and candlemaker, Brenda, a bit through email correspondence, I can attest to her being an excellent businesswoman and craftsperson.  And on top of that, she’s just an amazing person to boot!  I’m never ever again buying any other brand of candle!!!!!
Beth, Trumbull, CT

"I received my winning Coffee Shop candle. First, we all had to smell it, I mean, me and my four fur kids. My black lab could not stop wagging his tail, that is top notch in his snout! The smell is soothing, a scent not overbearing but calming, coffee yet also various seasonings added a perfect blend that enhances the others, oh smells so good. I feel like curling up on the couch with the hubby, with a fire in the fireplace drinking a delicious cup of this blend. I am one who loves to walk up the coffee aisle at the grocery store, but this smell is by far the best coffee smell I have smelt, and I do love candles. I highly recommend this to everyone. I can't wait until I can burn it tonight. Thank you so much Brenda, this is a great scent" Stephanie, California

"Just picked up our mail in community mail box and candles were there. wife says Very Vanilla mason jar candle smells "very, very good.", Mark, Arizona

"I am finally sharing with you ALL that CT River Candles are the ultimate! You have come a long way with your choice of selection from when you first started...I can remember the first order that was shipped to me, and it was fantastic. From your scents to customer service, you guys are number ONE in my book!" Melissa
"Yesterday I received my Black Friday order. First of all, wow..super fast delivery! Secondly, I'm in LOVE with these candles. The scent is perfection, the burn is super clean, the wick is the greatest quality in a candle wick.  I also really like that I asked for some of my candles to be undyed because it gives them a more sophisticated they can go with any room color scheme and not interfere with it.  Even down to the lids...and I got some in black and some in silver...and I actually love the black!  The sample scents I received are only going to lead me to buy more. When does my next paycheck come in?!"  Daniella

"Hello Brenda,I found your candles on the internet a short while back. When I saw that you were local (I'm from Portland) I almost fell off my chair. Then, when I saw that I could purchase from the Marina here in Portland, I couldn't wait to get to the store.  I went with the lavender scent in mind. I've never used soy candles before but I've heard they were special. When I walked into the Marina, the woman there (I think her name was Karen) told me she had just received an order from you. I was allowed to sniff every scent she had. By the time I was finished, I was nearly in tears,I was so excited.  I had found my exquisite scented lavender candle. I wanted to have my bedroom have this scent. I haven't lit the candle and my room has a lovely lite aroma of lavender. This is a wonderful scent and I thank you for it. Also, I found your lemongrass scent for my kitchen. It burns almost constantly. At one time, I had purchased a handsoap with this scent and I loved it--now, I can smell it all the time. You have a knack and a special talent and on top of that, your candles are reasonably priced.  I will continue to buy your candles instead of going to Massachusetts to buy the popular brand of candle. They can't measure up to your scents.  Thank you for sharing your talent with the public.I'm impressed!!!!!!
Sincerely, Elaine Chasse"

"I placed an order for seven of your soy candles on Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving and let me tell you was I ever so surprised when my order arrived here this morning (Friday) That is what I call service. Thank you for the prompt delivery. I'm looking forward to doing more business with you soon"
Karen, Portland Riverside Marina

"Just wanted to let you know how much everyone in Florida loved your CT River Candles. I bought several to give as gifts, "to bring a little New England" to my out of state relatives. They loved them as much as I do". Thanks. Mara

"We were so pleased to discover CT River candles. Their customer service has been great and the product is Wonderful!  Brenda S.

"The best thing about Connecticut River Candles for us, is local sustainability; Brenda Hunter operates a local Haddam business, and that's good for our local economy. She brings these delectable, clean-burning soy wax candles and scented tarts to the Higganum Village Farmer's Market, too. They are so delicious smelling it is hard to pick a favorite one! We applaud Brenda's entrepreneurship and wish her the very best successes in the future - and can't wait to get our hands on the special scent she is making for us in 2011!"
Deb Umba - Project Manager, Higganum Village Farmers' Market

"I love the White Tea and Berries Spa candle! I put just one in my living room and it filled the entire downstairs with a wonderful and long lasting aroma. The fact that the candles are soy is another plus because they are economically and green friendly. I am definitely purchasing from CT Candles for my candle needs in the future!" Peace, Marilyn Machado, ShapedbyHand, Florida

"CT River Candles has the best candles for fragrances, burning; ease of use, accessories, cost and Brenda is the best to work with" Dane, Newington

“Connecticut River Candles are a first-class act all around. Brenda Hunter, the owner, operates her business with the perfect blend of professionalism and personal attention to detail. These traits come through in the quality of her soy candles and other products, as well as in Brenda’s exceptional customer service. I’m proud to offer Connecticut River Candles to my customers who appreciate the finer things.” Jim Therriault, Proprietor, New England Everyday Goods, LLC, NH

"We always look forward to receiving our candle order. Our customers like the way our store smells. We always have a wax melt going. They love to open every jar to experience the scents and comment on how strong they are"
The Mouse Hole, LLC, Cromwell, CT

"I purchased a CT River Candle as a gift from a store with a limited selection of scents. I was looking for a specific scent, so I called Brenda to see if I could stop by to exchange it. Instead of driving to CT River Candle, Brenda drove the candle with the scent which I was looking for to my house! Now that's customer service!" Corey Smith , Higganum, CT

"I just love CT River Candles and have given them as gifts to friends and family. I tend to purchase the scents around the seasons and find they create a great atmosphere for our home. I find I cannot live without Cranberry Marmalade, Coconut Lime, Banana Nut Bread and Pumpkin Soufflé. My daughters love Clean Cotton and Sunwashed Linen. Several people who have come into our home feel relaxed due to the calming nature of our candles and the scents remain consistent from the first time you light the candle to the end. Love ‘em!"
Linda Shanley

"I am very impressed with the quality of the candles. They burn longer than promised, and they don't overwhelm you with a perfume smell. Their scent is recognizable, pleasant and seems to warm the room." 
"CT River Candles website is intuitive, easy to navigate and fun to visit again and again".
"CT River Candles customer service is first class and quick to respond".
"CT River Candles Spa candles collection are fabulous!"
"There are so many original scents to chose from and it's great how CT River Candles offers new candles each season". Dodie Luhn

CT River Candles are the best candles in the world. 
-mario, Chamard Vineyards

"You haven't tried anything until you have tried these candles. I burn candles ALL the time and have eliminated all the name brands. They just don't hold up to CT River Candles. The scents are great- they really throw well and the candles burn extemely clean. These are a MUST TRY! You will not be dissappointed....The company has great customer service as well". Jude Levin

"Their smell is the best"! Estella Bustos

Jennifer Forsyth Zwicky  "The most amazing evergreen candle ever- from CT River Candles -- my house smells like Christmas dreams and fresh-cut trees! What a lovely Christmas gift from the Harneys!!"

Dear Brenda,
I wanted to let you know I received my order, and to Thank You for your prompt, professional service!  I really loved my soy candles.  The fragrance of the Blueberry Muffin and the Cranberry Marmalade are just fabulous.  The Blueberry is lit and I am sipping on a cup of hot would think I had muffins in the oven...mmm.  It was such a pleasure to do business with you and I can't wait to try your other scents.  I am also pleased you are a local business in my home state (I prefer to help the small business owners in Ct).  Also, thanks for the free Tart and matches!!  You don't get much service with a smile anymore and your business proved there are some still out there :)
Shelley Zinno

I received my CT Blueberry Muffin candle today and I LOVE it. It smells absolutely amazing, love your candles :)  Heather C

LOVE these candles and Brenda is a doll to work with! I'm burning my Coconut/Lime candle right now. Just wish I was under a palm tree with a pina colada!  Jane R

"Brenda just wanted to tell you how marvelous your candles were for me during this last Sandy crisis!!!! Pretty, smelled just right for my taste and made such a difference in the lighting and atmosphere in my home!!!! thank you again!!!, Priscilla