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High Connecticut River Hurts Boating Season

Posted by Administrator on 7/9/2013 to Announcements
The Connecticut River isn't looking very pretty this season. There is so much debris coming down the river it has become difficult for boaters to navigate nevermind swim on off the shores. The high water has taken lots of dirt from the banks resulting in very muddy waters. It's common place to see logs, brush and even full trees floating down the river. It's an obstacle course for boaters whose props can be severely damaged if they come in contact with the fast moving debris. Even Long Island sound has not been spared from the river's condition.  This photo was taken a couple miles out from where the river meets Long Island Sound just south of Old Saybrook, Connecticut. It was really quite amazing to see.

In addition to boaters being inconvenienced by the debris laden river, those interested in seeing the fireworks at the Riverfest in Hartford were also disappointed.  This event was cancelled due to the high water, abundant debris and unsafe navigating conditions for the barges carrying fireworks.

Farther north in Hadley, Massachusetts, marina patrons were complaining it's been the worse boating season ever as they are having their boats taken out of the water for fear of  them being damaged by heavy logs in the strong current.

This photo taken from the river looking at Middlesex Yacht Club in Chester, Connecticut, show piled up debris and logs caught against the docks.

This last photo was taken in Haddam, Connecticut.  It shows how high the river is as it engulfs this sidewalk and inches up the staircase.

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